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Join as construction professionals in Delhi and Pan India

Decofice provides a platform that brings construction-related professionals like architects and interior designers all over India on a single platform where they all can collaborate on projects online, starting from getting approval to designing to execution up to the handover of the project to the client. It is a one-stop shop for all your construction needs which covers all construction problems. It also aims at providing quality customer service to its clients through the help of technological tools.

Which construction worker can join Decofice

Decofice can be joined by construction professionals of all levels. It is a collaborative community where professionals can find clients and get work done more efficiently from anywhere. Moreover, Decofice does not charge any joining fees or subscription fees, making it accessible to anyone who wants to join. Joining Decofice will provide you with access to a vast client base and an ability to create a custom portfolio and a unique profile to showcase your work.

What documents should you have to join Decofice?

To join Decofice as a professional, you need to have the following documents: (i) a Mark sheet of your educational qualifications, (ii) A copy of your pan card, (iii) A copy of your Aadhar card, (iv) a Portfolio, (v) An Experience letter (if any), and (vi) a License for the field you are working in.

What will be the steps to work after joining Decofice?

After registering as a construction professional on Decofice, a client will hire an architect for their project. The architect, in turn, will hire other professionals like civil consultants, electrical consultants, etc., through this platform and deliver the complete project to the client. The client will have full freedom to give suggestions and design alterations. All of this will be done through Decofice. Since we have such a large community of professionals, clients are bound to find someone who meets their needs and builds their dream projects

What are the future scopes after joining Decofice?

Decofice aims to provide a tech-driven approach while also empowering professionals with all tools, technology, and resources to compete in this fast-moving world and help them build their dream projects. It enables professionals with an opportunity to showcase their projects and get new clients and provides them with a global ambition through digitalisation.

Process of selling material after joining Decofice

Once you have joined Decofice and registered as a brand or vendor on our website, you will have to list the products online. You can draw in customers by choosing relevant product categories. After choosing the product category, fill in details regarding the material you are selling, like size, model, colour, etc. This will help you get clients, and you can start selling immediately.