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Are you tired of sifting through endless lists of construction professionals, only to find out they don't fit your budget or style?

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Why choose decofice?

Saves Time

You might have thought that hiring a Construction professional is far above your budget, but in reality, this can only help you earn more in savings. By hiring professionals, you’ll avoid making some costly mistakes.

Saves Money

People say that time is money, and with an experienced professional by your side, you’ll manage to save both. Thanks to their knowledge and vast expertise.

Long Lasting Guarantee

Our Professionals give you most trusted brands of products which comes with good years of guarantee.

Customized Designs

Not only will your professional be familiar with the latest industry trends, but they will know how to incorporate them into your project and adjust them to your preferences. If you want to achieve that WOW effect, hiring professionals is undoubtedly the way to go.

How we are different from others?


Go-to place to hire construction professionals

Hire Architects, Interior Designers by browsing through their portfolio according to your budget and preference.


Procurement of materials and interior decors

Shop anything related to Construction or Interior projects. Procurement made transparent for everyone

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Construction and approval of all documents at ease of your home

We help you construct your dream space in the most efficient and transparent way.

For Clients

Hire the talent your way

Work with largest network of independent professionals and get things done from quick turnarounds to big transformations.

Hire a Professional

Talent Marketplace

Shop Online

Procurement of materials and interior decors

Relax & Settle

We take care of everything

The decofice edge

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Why professionals join decofice

Focus on your work knowing we help protect your data and privacy and help you manage your project. We’re here with 24/7 support if you need it.

Safe Secure & Transparent

Client's go-to place for any type construction

Client browses through Portfolio and hires the Professional according to their budget and taste

Procurement made easy

Professionals can easily procure materials, decors and electronics for their clients within its marketoplace.

We're world's fastest growing marketplace


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Hire the best design & construction partners

Let’s help you make your dream a reality by building your dream home, office or anything you would like to.

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