Welcome to decofice

What is Decofice?

Decofice is an India-based technology company trying to change the way we do construction and procure material for the projects by providing the best service as also empowering professionals with all tools, technology and resources to compete in the fast moving world.

We kick-started operations on the 23rd of July, 2021 with the goal of breaking all barriers and bringing the whole of construction industry into single platform where professionals can find new projects easily, sellers can sell quality products directly to clients by offering them huge visibility & cutting out the extra noise by helping clients in every aspect by making their life easier.

We named the company as, a combination of “De” from design+ “co” from construction + “fice” from edifice, which means Design and Construction of Edifice also known as “decofice”. 

Decofice is one stop solution for Construction and Procurement needs

It’s one-stop destination for client to find professionals and for procurement of range of construction materials and interior decors to build theirs dream residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality projects at ease of their homes hassle-free. It is a collaborative e-marketplace for new age construction in a most reliable and efficient way possible. Leading the way towards the next normal in construction: Reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem through technology. We aim to revolutionise the age old construction sector through its full-stack tech driven approach

Enabling technology and organising the industry will create new opportunities for everyone and we vouch to create millions of employment directly and indirectly on every level empowering everyone involved.

What we focus and strive for

Why we are Best Construction Company?

  • Making construction, procurement and maintenance simpler and effective
  • Enjoyable construction experience
  • Best pricing 
  • Quality assurance
  • No delays – Scheduling safety mechanisms against delays
  • Transparent and reliable construction process
  • World class after-service provided
  • Hassle free documentation
  • Traceability and status update on every minute process.

Meet our Founder

jeswin james a person
Jeswin James
Founder, CEO

Jeswin James is a dreamer whose mind works on logic and data, founded decofice in 2021 to overcome the hurdles he faced during his career as an Architect and as a client. The inefficiency and lack of trust factor associated with multiple stakeholders due to lack of proper structure has inspired him to take up this challenge. Today, decofice is changing the landscape of construction industry with help of world class technological innovation. The way we perceive and do design, construction, procurement & after-service is rapidly changing for greater good.

It’s still Day 1, making things happen one at a time .

Our Team

ranjit singh
Ranjit Singh Girsa
COO, Architect
Ujjawal mehra
Ujwal Mehra
Architect, Project Manager
Dharmveer Singh
Sales Head