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Digital Portfolio

Take your business online. Clients can find you and hire in just a click. It’s that simple

cutting edge

Cutting-edge Technology

Create designs and proposals easily with our proprietary design technology.

positive cashflow

Positive Cash Flow

Offering cash sufficiency during the initial stages of growth & help you get you enough business for sustainable growth.

assured quality leads

Assured quality leads

Grow your studio quicker with consistent verified leads every time.


Seamless collaboration

Can easily add your team members for projects and can collaborate with other allied teams for bringing out the best outcome for client and for themselves.

support team

Support team & Warranty

Get access to all materials and decors from different certified by brands. Collaborate with best professionals from their respective expertises. 24×7 access to decofice customer support for any queries raised. Assured by decofice.

Project comparison

Project Management Tool

Track and manage projects seamlessly with personalised dashboards for maintaining your projects.


Schedule Meetings

Schedule Online Meetings with clients and teams for projects within the application efficiently.


Accept Payments

No more hassles of collecting cheques or managing cash. Accept Payment Online for easy and quick collections with reminders and exclusive offers.

We are designing and building Homes Offices Shops Hotels Resorts globally

We are all set to branch out in India starting with Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. We will soon further our business across Middle East, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy, Singapore, UAE


Things to know before joining as an Contractors:
1. You need to be a licensed architect and should own a business or should be
doing Freelancing Projects.
2. You should have experience in your field.
3. You should have a good portfolio to show clients where they can hire you
4. You should know about your fee structure for particular type and scale of the

Freelancing students can join the waitlist program but cannot join the platform. For him to join the platform officially, he needs to graduate and should have a license.

No, Contractors do not have to pay anything to join decofice. You can simply signup into the platform, upload your previous projects, which help you get new projects and then you can start reaching new clients from Day 1

Yes. Contractors can collaborate with other professionals and complete the projects on time without any worries.

Yes. All tools and technologies would be given free of cost so that you can seamlessly signup with us and start working on new projects.

Contractors are paid on time, and funds are directly transferred to your bank accounts.

We take an advance payment for every work that we execute. So, Clients would be paying money in advance for the progress we are making or else banks will fund us on time if clients apply for loans. Architects are safe as they receive money in advance, and your resources are optimally utilized.

Join decofice as an Contractors in Delhi, and Pan India

Joining decofice as an Contractors in Delhi, and across Pan India will give you so many perks. You can increase your digital presence and find new clients, which boosts business! Decofice is an online marketplace where architects in the construction industry collaborate by providing all tools that they need to be successful in today’s fast-moving world of technology-driven design projects. It has never been easier than now because we’re here leading this disruption through our collaborative platform, which connects professionals looking toward future innovation.
What’s more, joining Decofice will also give you:
– A unique profile page to showcase your work and services
– Access to our vast client base.
– The ability to create a custom portfolio
– Increase in business and revenue growth and much more

Why choose decofice to join as an Contractors in Delhi, across Pan India?

Decofice is a collaborative marketplace for the construction industry most reliably and efficiently possible. Leading towards the next normal in construction.
It’s a platform which brings construction-related professionals to a single platform where they can collaborate on a project, from approvals to designing to execution to handover of the project to the client. It’s a one-stop solution destination for the clients to find professionals and for procurement of a range of construction materials and interior decors to build their dream residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality projects at the ease of their homes hassle-free.

Benefits of joining decofice as Contractors

Decofice is a platform where all professionals associated with the construction industry are present. You can collaborate with different professionals and get
exposure to many new projects. Your digital presence is boosted, and finding new prospectus clients have become very easy. We give you targeted reach within the community of clients where people want tobuild residential, commercial and hospitality projects. You get direct access to this community, where you get an opportunity to showcase and get new projects. Decofice also provides all kinds of tools and technology like advanced Project
Management tools, absolutely for free.

Our Service areas for Decofice are:

Decofice is your one-stop shop for all your construction, Interior Designing and remodeling needs! From designing to execution on-site, we’ve got you covered. Our Service Area includes a wide range of services to choose from. Whether you need a quick fix or a complete overhaul, Decofice is here to help! We started our operations in Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Kochi, Kottayam, Mumbai and Chennai, planning to further expand in nearby cities.