Tips to crack an architecture job interview - Top 6 tips

architecture job interview

When we apply for a job, there is a certain excitement and rush we feel when we hear from the company about our shortlisting. After getting shortlisted comes the next step, which is the interview. Before telling you about the tips and tricks for interviews. I want to quote from Jordan Peterson’s book 12 books for life “Stand up straight with your shoulder’s back.” Sitting in an interview can be tricky because there are a lot of dynamics that keep changing in an interview, and there is no one to validate our instincts, and all this happens in a small time frame. Always remember that someone is going before and after you for an interview. So you need to make sure you make an impression on the person conducting the interview. Our advice is to smile throughout the interview and prepare a solid introduction because the first question you will be asked is to introduce yourself.

Here are the top 6 tips to crack an architecture job interview?

1. Do your research

After getting shortlisted for an interview, there is a time frame where you should research the company that is going through their company profile, projects they have done, their vision, and how you align yourself with their vision. Make some observations about the construction company and do speak about your observations in the interview if necessary. These observations can range from the type of projects you like to things you don’t like and present them as constructive feedback. If you could go into specific details of a project that could lead to a lasting impression.

2. Understand the job description

When applying for a job, we always consider the type of work we want to do. So if you are a fresher and are applying for a job, the positions you might land are junior architects or project architects. Both these jobs have a specific role. For example, a junior architect prepares drawings per client and site requirements and does client meetings and coordination. In contrast, project architects focus on the execution of the project and deal with vendors and labour for execution. Similarly, when you apply for a job or are sitting in an interview, think of the questions necessary to understand the role.

3. Think of it as a conversation

An interview is a two-way street. If we can understand how an organization functions, we will know where we fit in and how it will affect our personal life. Some of the common mistakes we make when sitting in an interview are that we don’t speak what we expect from the company and understand how the company aligns with our purpose. This is one reason a person is not satisfied with his job or work environment after getting selected because he did not try to question the person conducting the interview. When giving an interview, please talk about your working style so that the company can tell their way of functioning. Try to know about the company and the work environment so that you can make a good decision about working with the company or not. 

4. Know what to ask

We have spoken about this above in the article many times, but we want to clarify that asking questions is the essential part of an interview to know how you would align in the organization. Always remember that the questions you frame will put an impression on a person, so try framing your questions positively or neutrally and avoid using any negative vocabulary associated with the organization you are interviewing and the organization you used to work for.

5. Communicate your strengths

While doing an interview, remember that you are pitching yourself in front of a company, so speak about your strengths and how you developed those strengths because everyone loves a story and hearing about experiences. Also, there are chances you might be asked about your weaknesses as well, so speak about them in a positive way. For example, I cannot say “No” when someone asks me for help, or I like to overburden myself with work, so I don’t sit idle. 

6. Leave on a positive note

End the interview positively by thanking the interviewer for their time and expressing your interest in the role. This will leave a lasting impression and could decide whether or not you get the job. Keep these tips in your mind to crack an architecture job interview?

By following these tips, you will be sure to impress during your architecture job interview and increase your chances of landing the job. Good luck!

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