Gym ideas for small house under budget in India

gym idea for house

In this blog, we have highlighted how you can build a home gym on a budget and how it is much more affordable than you actually think. By the time you will finish reading this article, you will wonder why didn’t you switch to a home gym before.

While having a roof over your head and a safe space to sleep should be your number one priority in life, it is also important to remember to take care of yourself physically. It is a great idea to build a home gym for those who wish to care for their bodies and also utilize their time spent at home. Here are some tips for creating a budget-friendly home gym:

How to Build Gym in small house under budget in India

1.Create a plan first to build a gym in house under budget

Tre first and most crucial step in setting up a home gym is creating a plan. You should come up with a plan even before you paint your walls or arrange equipment. You need to have a proper process for planning your home gym, which should include: calculating your budget, measuring all workout equipment in accordance with your room layout, listing out all workout accessories and equipment you will need for your gym, or digitally mapping your room for measurement.

2. Prepping your space can be useful in building gym in house

A home gym involves a lot of wear and tear, especially if it is inside your home. Before you start piling your equipment inside, set a day aside to prep the empty space. Prepping the empty space before you set up your gym involves deep cleaning walls, vents, and floors; painting the walls or just giving a few touch-ups, adding mats under heavy equipment for safety; or marking the location on walls that will have shelving installed.

3. Adding the big stuff first

Before adding all the small equipment like dumbbells, elastic bands, and yoga mats in your home gym, it is essential to bring in the big stuff first. The reason this should be done is that mapping your room layout digitally or on paper won’t give you a proper idea of the amount of space you have until you see it on your own. What might feel spacious on paper might end up looking clustered in reality, so it is always better not to add anything to the walls until you have installed all the big stuff.

4. Setting up safe storage options

A home gym should not be the place where you put your old recycled furniture. Your main priority should be your safety, and protecting your home should be your second. If you want to prioritize your safety while also keeping the price tag small, you should opt for these storage solutions that can withstand heavy wear : 

 (a) galvanized steel pegboard wall, 

 (b) freestanding closet organizing shelves,

 (c) command hooks.


To conclude, building a home gym can also be done under a budget and is more within your reach than you might expect. Having a home gym can also save you years’ worth of money you’d spend on gym memberships and can also provide better workouts with greater satisfaction. Working out within the comfort of your home will also leave you with more time to do other things. you should apply these tips to build a gym in house under budget.

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