Best months to start building a house as per Vaastu

home construction as per vastu

Buying a plot of land and constructing a house on it is of great significance in an individual’s life. In India, it is a common practice to seek divine blessings before kick-starting a new project, as it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Great importance is given to Vaastu shastra and the ritual of bhumi pujan in many families in India.

Picking the Best month to start building a house as per Vastu is very important topic for Indian families. The one thing that remains constant about people, irrespective of their religion and beliefs, is their wait for a good and auspicious time to start something.

Once the land has been selected and finalized, the owner should contact an experienced Vaastu consultant to find out best months to start the construction of the house as per vaastu, which would ensure wealth, health, prosperity, and good fortune.

Among all the 12 Hindu months, there are 5 months that are regarded to be the best months to start the construction of a house, as per Vaastu. They are:

1. Chaitra Mass best month to start building a house as per vastu

The month of Chaitra or Chaitra mass falls during the Gregorian months of March and April. Chaitra mass is considered o be one of the best months to start the construction of your homes as it is believed that this month brings blessings and happiness of Gods as well as Pitru Devtas (ancestors)

2. Vaishakh month

Vaishakh mass falling during the months of April and May is also considered a very auspices time to initiate the building of a home as Vaishakh month is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to their owners.

3. Kartik Mass

Kartik Mass falls during the months of October and November, and it is believed that those who start building their homes in these months will be blessed with joy and happiness in their entire lives.

4. Magh Mass

Magh mass which falls during the months of January and February is considered an best time to initiate the building of a house as it is believed to bless the house with success and fruitfulness in every aspect of life.

As per Vaastu and Hindu beliefs, these four months (Chaitya Mass, Vaishakh Mass, Kartik, and Magh mass) are considered to be the best months for new home construction, whereas Bhadrapad month (August-September), Ashwin month (September-October) and Pushya Mass (December-January) are regarded as bad months for construction of houses. It is believed that those who start construction during these months will suffer from financial problems, health problems, and family problems.

Before beginning the construction of the house, Bhumi Pujan is performed on the construction site, according to Vaastu. The five elements of nature are worshipped in Bhumi Pujan. It is always performed in the northeast direction of the company site. This is believed to yield good results, as per Vaastu.


So, if you are looking to start with the construction of your home, make sure to take the help of a Vaastu specialist who can guide you with the best months to start construction of house as per vastu, so that your home is in harmony with the laws of nature. After all, happy homes are a foundation of happy lives.

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